October 2018

Another step towards the hand prosthesis of the future

Researchers stimulated the nerves of the amputated arm with signals very similar to the natural ones, succeeding in "imitating the colors" of the evoked sensations of the various types of receptors and related nerve fibers present in the fingertips of the hand. This has brought greater realism and greater functionality of the feelings experienced by patients.

Two School of Engineering spin-offs awarded

EPFL spin-offs Bestmile and Lunaphore took home second and third place in this year’s ranking of Switzerland’s 100 most promising startups at an awards ceremony last night in Zurich. Flyability and Gamaya, two other EPFL spin-offs, also made the top ten. The winners were selected by a panel of 100 innovation experts.

Preserving Chile’s water with solar-powered robots

EPFL researchers have developed floating, solar-powered robots to help protect Chile’s water reservoirs. These low-cost robots can be assembled together in a variety of ways on the water surface to prevent the water from evaporating – thereby preserving a precious resource in this arid country and one that’s crucial to its biggest industry: winemaking.

Using biosensors to deliver personalized doses of antibiotics

A team of eight EPFL students won the technical prize in the SensUs international competition, designing a portable biosensor that can measure the amount of vancomycin in a patient’s blood stream, enabling doctors to better control the dosage and reduce harmful side effects. Their technology – developed for the upcoming SensUs international competition – could eventually be used for other antibiotics as well.

An open-access platform for simulating materials’ properties

EPFL researchers have developed an open-access platform where scientists can store and share their results together with their full provenance. This will enable their peers to build on published data and analysis methods for future work.

HydroContest: EPFL’s team makes the podium

The team of EPFL students came in second place with their lightweight boat – behind HES Fribourg – on Sunday in Saint-Tropez. Their heavyweight boat won the innovation prize.

Visitors of all ages try their hand at flying a drone at EPFL

EPFL held its second annual Drone Days this past weekend. From Friday to Sunday, nearly 5,000 visitors were given the chance to pilot various types of drones. The weekend was capped off by a spectacular drone race that drew over 60 competitors from around the world and sent three Swiss pilots to the winners’ podium.


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