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Hyperloop, often referred to as the fifth mode of transportation, is a high-speed transportation system that uses depressurized tubes in which capsules travel.

How does it work ?

The Hyperloop consists of capsules circulating in an elevated tube (less expensive than a tunnel), the tube being depressurized to reduce aerodynamic friction. The capsules are magnetically levitated and propelled by linear motors, in order to reduce the friction associated with rolling. The speeds reached could be of the order of 1200 km/h.

What is it for ?

The Hyperloop can transport people or goods:

EPFLoop Team

The EPFL team, named EPFLoop, made up of female and male students from fifteen different nationalities, was selected in the 20 teams out of more than 5,000 to travel to California in July 2018, to participate in the Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by SpaceX.

Of all the teams in California, the EPFL team had the highest proportion of women (25%).

The team’s capsule achieving the highest speed in the tube over a distance of 1.25 kilometers, including braking, wins the competition.

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EPFLoop Team qualified for Los Angeles 2019

The EPFL team has again been selected to travel to California in July 2019 to participate in the Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by SpaceX (See article), where they placed 3rd in the competition.