Information Science and Systems

General overview

The teaching activities in Information Sciences and Systems (ISS) at the Section of Electrical Engineering currently covers a wide range of applications and methodologies : biomedical signal and image processing, computer vision, signal processing for multimedia, signal processing for high-dimensional and complex data, network data analysis, as well as machine learning and inference theory and algorithms.

Data science is considered in our program as the intersection of methods and hardware platforms, thereby leveraging the EE background of our students.

The Professors and lecturers have a long tradition of excellence in the field, where information systems and data science are strongly represented, as they are key components in the digital transformation of our society.

Thematic areas and program draft

The program in Information Science and Systems is organized around a set of core courses, proposed to all the EE master students, and a large set of optional courses organized in 2 specializations, highlighting our main domains of expertise in the field :

1. Data science and systems

Adaptation and learning
A network tour of data science
Convex optimization
Mathematics of data : from theory to computation
Statistics for data science

2. Signal, image, video and communication

Adaptation and learning
A network tour of data science
Image analysis and pattern recognition
Wireless receivers : algorithms and architectures