IoT and Communications Engineering

The evolution of semiconductor technologies has enabled the design of energy-efficient, compact and connected electronic systems that can be deployed in massive numbers to create the Internet of Things (IoT). This domain in EE lays the foundations for IoT systems by covering, in a transversal way, the key technologies to co-design and optimize computing and communication systems that can deliver networks of smart and edge computing IoT objects, as well as energy-efficient high performance architectures for cloud computing and central processing.

Activities in the EE Institute in this domain cover embedded software mapping flows, energy management methodologies, low-power communication including electromagnetics and wave engineering for IoT devices and machine-to-machine interaction, as well as optics and computer architecture for the IoT infrastructure. Building on these foundational technologies, this domain is strategically positioned to cover the requirements of connectivity, energy efficiency and autonomous operation of IoT systems to enhance processes and enable new services in established industries, creating smart cities, e-health businesses, or industry 4.0.

Key research themes